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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their Answers

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Q. How much is the price of Sonovision 2.0 basic version? Solution: Sonovision 2.0

A. US$879.99 Only

Q. What is Included in Sonovision 2.0 Basic / Standard Package? Solution: Sonovision 2.0

A. Software CD, Standard Definition Video Capture Card, Video Cable, Remote Control, Installation Manual and License Card

Q. What is the Difference between Sonovision 2.0 Standard and Sonovision 2.0 Workstation ? Solution: Sonovision 2.0

A. Sonovision Standard only comes with Video Capture Card, Software Disc, Video Cables and Remote, While Sonovision 2.0 Workstation is complete system including All-In-One Computer System with touch screen monitor, keyboard, mouse and remote control

Q. How Sonovision Acquires/Captures Images and Videos from Ultrasound Machine Solution: Sonovision 2.0

A. Sonovision captures ultrasound images and videos through Video Capture Card that will be installed on the PC, and most of the Ultrasound Machines have Composite Video Out, S-Video, DVI or HDMI Output . So any of these ports can be used to Acquire and capture images and videos into Sonovision

Q. What kind of Ultrasound Machines are compatible with Sonovision ? Solution: Sonovision 2.0

A. Any Ultrasound or Color Dopper having Video Output Ports like Composite Video, S-Video, DVI or HDMI, Sonovision Can also Acquire Images and Series from DICOM Compatible Ultrasound Machines through Network Ports on the Ultrasound Machine

Q. What are the minimum requirements for Sonovision HD (HD Video Capture Card)? Solution: HD Video Capture Card

A. Ultrasound Machine or Modality with DVI or HDMI Port

Q. What is the Maximum Resolution of Sonovision HD (HD Video Capture Card) Solution: HD Video Capture Card

A. HD Video capture card can Capture Medical Images and Videos upto 1920X1200 Pixels

Q. What is Included in Sonovision Workstation 2.0 Solution: Sonovision Workstation 2.0

A. Sonovision Workstation 2.0 is a complete Ultrasound Workstation which includes complete Hardware and Software for Images Acquisition, Reviewing, Printing and Converting to DICOM, System includes All-In-One PC installed with Sonovision 2.0

Q. Is there any Customization Options available to Sonovision Workstation 2.0 Solution: Sonovision Workstation 2.0

A. Yes, you got to contact us at for customization of any system