ClearCanvas PACS is an easy-to-use, scalable, FDA cleared PACS Server with Workstations
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ClearCanvas PACS Team Edition
    ClearCanvas PACS Team Edition v5.0
ClearCanvas PACS Team Edition is an easy-to-use, scalable,cost effective, FDA cleared PACS that includes a PACS server, PACS workstation, Referring physician portal and web-based image viewers. The Team Edition provides a comprehensive PACS tool set - including a study integrity queue, auto-routing, support for multiple compression types, disk management, support for WADO and on-demand image streaming for remote viewing, system alerts, a status dashboard, and more. Roaming Profiles, multiple users and user authority groups mean complete control over the user experience, wherever they are. And, with a concurrent licensing model, scaling is easy as your practice grows. Images can also be accessed securely over the Internet using the ClearCanvas Webstation, a fully-functional, web-based Image viewer, with complete server-side image rendering so patient information remains confidential

♦ FDA Cleared: Registered 510(k) Medical Device.
♦ Team Edition Workstation: The Team Edition Workstation includes all of the features of the Clinical Edition Workstation, in addition to the applicable features listed here.
♦ ClearCanvas ImageServer: Includes Team Edition specific features such as user administration, multiple user support, JPEG2000. See the complete list of ImageServer features.
♦ Concurrent Licensing: Workstation licenses can be shared with our concurrent licensing scheme.
♦ Web-based Viewing: Images can be viewed from anywhere with our web-based image viewer, Webstation.
♦ Roaming User Profiles: User Workstation preferences such as toolbar customizations follow the user anywhere based on user login.
♦ Centralized Audit Logs: Audit trails are logged on the server and can be accessed through the Workstation GUI.
♦ JPEG2000 Support: Support for JPEG2000 compression and decompression improves performance and means you can store more data, saving you money.
♦ Web-based User Interface: Administer your PACS from any computer on the PACS network through the easy-to-use web interface.
♦ Web-based Referring Physicians Portal to share studies offsite

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Above, SQL Server 2005 Express or Above

Category: PACS Server   Type: Software

Vendor: Clear Canvas Inc

Email:    Phone: 586-486-3310


Package Contents:
Software CDs, License Card

Price:  US$ 8718.00

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