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ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition
    ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition v3.5
ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition is an FDA cleared, easy-to-use, full-featured standalone PACS diagnostic viewer. This edition comes with additional features desired for the clinical environment while building on the popular open source edition used worldwide for more than 5 years.
An extensive array of tools - including synchronized stacking, reference lines, spacial locator, MPR, cine, PET/CT Fusion, custom shutters, Cobb Angle, DICOM Print, and Media Writing - all at an affordable price make ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition an excellent choice for any imaging organization.
Intuitive everyday reading tools like window/level, zoom/pan, magnifying glass, rotate/flip, measure, and annotate make your reading experience productive.
Customizable menus and toolbars streamline diagnostic tasks while individual toggles for Text, DICOM, Shutter, and Scale overlays put you in control of your reading screen. And the unique Undo/Redo features allow you to easily back up or repeat diagnostic tasks. All combine to increase efficiency and throughput based on how you read.
Thumbnails and auto-search for related/prior studies put relevant images at the your fingertips.
Hanging Protocols (available as a free upgrade later this year) let you further customize your reading layout to improve your workflow even more.

♦ Securely Sign In to HealthVault Account
♦ Search Studies within HealthVault account with Study Date, Series UID, Physician’s Name or Study Description
♦ Open Study with Preview Images and Study Header Data
♦ Load High Resolution/high Quality Study Images in Full screen mode
♦ Scroll through different images / Frames of the Series with the touch and scroll of the finger on the image
♦ Pinch to Zoom
♦ Rotate phone to Rotate Image on the screen

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 7 PC

Category: Medical Imaging Workstations   Type: Software

Vendor: ClearCanvas

Email:    Phone: 586-486-3310

Package Contents:
Downloadable Software only

Price:  US$ 1800.00

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