Ultrasound Imaging, Reporting Software for Image Acquisition, Printing, DICOM Conversion and Ultrasound Image Management
Sonovision - Ultrasound Imaging and Study Management Software

Ultrasound Imaging Software/Ultrasound Workstation Solution for Studies Acquisition, Study Management & Reporting

Sonovision is one of the most advanced, easy to use and cost effective Ultrasound Images acquisition, study management, sonogram printing and reporting software. Highly efficient, economical and easy to use workstation software with built-in ultrasound report templates for Abdomen, Gyn, OBS and more. Sonovision can capture medical images from ultrasound, color doppler, endoscopes and other similar medical imaging systems / modalities.

♦ Capture High Resolution Medical Images

♦ Save Sonogram as Image Files, DICOM & Ultrasound Reports

♦ Remote Control for Image Capturing and Printing

♦ Image Enhancement and Effects

♦ Share Medical Images with other people

♦ Save Time and money with Automatic Operations

♦ Use any Computer Printer to Print Sonograms and Reports

Why Sonovision is better then other Ultrasound Imaging Workstations?

Sonovision standard package is specially designed for physicians, doctors, small  and medium size medical centers to make their business / Medical Practice easier and more productive.

♦ Remote Controlled Operations Ultrasound images or series acquisition, ultrasound images printing, saving patient's studies in database and sending studies to DICOM server or PACS server can be performed with remote control or foot switch

♦ Ultrasound Report Templates Sonovision standard package comes with built-in ultrasound report template, so doctors, physicians or ultrasound technicians can send some patients information directly into their medical report template and start writing their observations during the ultrasound examination.
All of the ultrasound report templates including Abdominal, Gynecological, Obstetrical are fully customizeable according to user's requirements

♦ DICOM Complient System with PACS Integration Option Sonovision is a DICOM Complient System and can send acquired studies and patient data to DICOM server, DICOM storages, DICOM printers or PACS server, In the Stadard Sonovision package we do not provide PACS server Integration, but users can self configure and connect Sonovision Standard package to any of the PACS System (SCP), DICOM Servers (SCP) or can use it as Ultrasound PACS Workstation, which can also retreive Worklist and Studies from the DICOM Server (SCP). Note: complete Integration and customization of system is also available for additional cost, see our solutions for more details

♦ Images Enhancement and Images Management Ultrasound images enhancements like brightness/contrast adjustments, color balance and auto levels etc. can improve images to show more details.
Sonovision is a perfect Workstation for ultrasound images reviewing and studies managment, as doctors and physicians can zoom, pan, flip, rotate or annotate images or even compare medical images by loading them on multiple monitors and then save those medical images for later review

♦ Video and Series Capturing High resolution ultrasound images, videos or series acquisition, Ultrasound images printing, saving patient's studies in database and sending studies to DICOM server or PACS server can be performed with remote control or foot switch

♦ Paperless Environment with DICOM CD and DICOM Storage User can archive studies and examination to write able CD-R, DVD-R or DICOM Storage so they can be retreived by Physicians and Doctors remotely or locally, without reviewing paper reports
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